Creating Space for What Matters Most

Walk-thru / Home Construction Consulting
I can do a walk-through to help you decide where things should go, which is especially helpful in the kitchen. Increase the functionality of your home with insights from an organizer perspective.

Doing a remodel or building a new home?  Is the shelving in all your closets and pantries an adequate depth?  What is the best arrangement for your closet organization?  Does your laundry room have a good layout for hampers, folding and storage?  Does your kitchen have enough drawers and adjustable shelving?  How about the bathrooms?

Hire me for a consulting session on how to make the best use of your space. My expertise with organization will give you helpful and important ideas that might otherwise be missed. 
​*Cheryl Chandler, Personal / Professional Organizer of Tao Organizing, is a home and business organizer for Utah County, Salt Lake County and surrounding areas.*