Creating Space for What Matters Most

1.  Walk-through
       Depending on the size of the project, allow between 15 and 30 minutes at the beginning of our first session. This is a quick process where we 
       simply walk through your space, I listen to you, and assess your needs.

2.  Prioritize
      Together we identify where is the most important place to start. Sometimes that is hard to determine alone, which is maybe why you have had a
      hard time getting started by yourself. Now that you have me by your side, I provide an objective look as to where is the most logical place to start.

3.  Letter of Agreement
      We sign a simple Letter of Agreement, outlining the parameters of the job, for a mutual understanding. I honor a strict confidentiality of all that is
      seen, heard and discussed, which is included in the Agreement.

4.  Get Started
      The STACKS* system is the quickest and easiest way to start any organizing project.
      Sort: Put like items with like items; categorize all of your items.
      Toss: Decide to keep it or let it go. Sometimes this is a hard decision on your own. I'm a great sounding board on what to do, and I never force 
      you to throw out anything you don't want to.
      Assign: Find a "home" for everything you choose to keep so you know exactly where to find it at any given time. For example, people often
      congest their office space with items they only use occasionally. We create a new home for those items making your office much more efficient 
      and productive.
     Contain: Obtain just the right containers for your items and label them for easy access.
     Keep it Up: Create an EASY system for regular maintenance by either doing it yourself, finding others around you for assistance, or hiring me to
     come back periodically and maintain it.
     Simplify: I consult with you on how to let go of things in your life that no longer serve you. People are amazed at how the more “things” in their life
     actually create distractions from joy, rather than providing them joy, which is why they think they bought the item in the first place. Now that you
     know where everything is, this alleviates the need to purchase new items just because you can’t find the one you have.

     *The STACKS system was created by Marla Dee of Clear and Simple.

5.  Follow-up
      Upon the completion of each session, we determine what is needed next to finalize the process. We look at the size of the job(s) and put it on a 
      schedule. This step alone starts to create freedom because you now have an actionable plan to create clutter-free and organized space. The 
      schedule can be as flexible or focused as you would like, depending on your time, budget and energy.

      Some clients feel confident in their ability to keep up the newly organized space on their own. Others may feel they need to schedule a periodic
      session for support.  We decide this together and make arrangements as needed.
The Process
It feels amazing to release the items you don’t need anymore.  I will gladly take the items that will fit in my vehicle to a local charity for you, free of charge. Some organizers charge for this service, but I include it as a bonus because now you will be left with the full impact of your fabulous new space when I leave your premises!  

You also may choose to pass on your items to friends or family. Either way, I am a good sounding board to bring you to clarity and help you feel good about letting go of unnecessary items you have been hanging onto way too long!
Donating Unwanted Items
​*Cheryl Chandler, Personal / Professional Organizer of Tao Organizing, is a home and business organizer for Utah County, Salt Lake County and surrounding areas.*
Watch this short video about my organizing process.

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