Creating Space for What Matters Most

   "Cheryl's professional presence brought innovative order to extremely challenging space problems in both my Park City home and my extensive Montana vacation home. I've hired hundreds in my own career, Cheryl ranks in the highest for no idol time and peak performance. Best of all, she is creative, positive, interesting and a delight to be around."

​Bonnie D., Grandmother of 27
  Awarded "Business Woman of the Year"
  Park City, UT
    "My office was an absolute mess and my home was not much better off...I couldn't find ANYTHING! Through Cheryl's insightful and yet very practical ideas I have been able to finally get organized and pay my bills on time every month. For the first time in my life, I honestly feel proud of how my home feels and looks. My 5 kids and I are grateful for the quality of life we now get to enjoy, thanks to Cheryl!"

Terelle W., Homemaker
  Family of 6, Ogden, UT
     “Cheryl has come into my home and completely changed the way it runs for the better. She helped me implement a simpler laundry system, given me the courage to finally purge the unnecessary clutter, and even helped my children learn to keep a tidy home. Through the help, lessons, and over all encouragement I have learned from her over the past few weeks I have managed to keep up with chores that I have always fallen far behind on. I fully recommend Cheryl to anyone who is looking to organize their home or any other aspect of their life!”

Dallas W., Family of 6 
South Jordan, UT

   "Over the past 6 months Cheryl has transformed my entire home, starting with my office. Not only did she do an excellent job with the house, but she helped me organize my life by teaching me a system to maintain all that she has put into order. It has been a huge relief, and my whole family has been affected by this amazing service. Cheryl has been honest and fair in all her dealings with me, and fun to work with. I am so glad I made the time and investment because it has made my life flow so much better and easier."
  Suzette S., Homemaker
  Family of 4, Sandy, UT
     “Cheryl transformed my home and gave me a whole new experience of organization! She has a gift for teaching how to simplify and beautify everything that deserves a place. Having her in my home changed my life! I use her systems of organization to this day and feel beyond blessed for how much more ease and flow I enjoy because of it! Thank you Cheryl!”

Dixie P., Homeowner
Sandy, UT

     "Cheryl is an expert in the field of Organization.  She was able to see how to organize my home in ways that I was unable to see. She was fast and efficient. She helped me organize all of my important paper work as well as my kitchen and closets. She never made me feel embarrassed at my lack of organizational skills. I would highly recommend Cheryl Chandler to anyone who is seeking this sort of specialized help in their business or home."

Michelle R., Homemaker / Massage Therapist
Orem, UT

   "Cheryl does incredible work. She organized our home office, laundry room, garage and pantry so that it has stayed in order even three years later! She is wonderful to work with and has a positive, cheerful attitude to go along with her gift of bringing things together in order and harmony. We could not have been happier after her work was done."
  Sabrina S., Homemaker
  Family of 6, Sacramento, CA
     “Cheryl Chandler changed my life. She eliminated treasure hunts for files, tools, clothes, all my food and kitchen stuff, etc. Her talent at sorting, labeling and grouping things reduced my anxiety beyond measure.  The days go much smoother. Hire her today and get ready to enjoy life more!”

David C., Retired
Salinas, CA

* Cheryl Chandler, Personal / Professional Organizer of Tao Organizing, is a home and business organizer for Polk County, Florida 
and surrounding areas. In the summer of 2018 she relocated her business from Utah to Florida, offering the same quality service and expertise.*