Creating Space for What Matters Most

• Desktop paper management             • System for handling receipts
• File drawers / filing system                • Coaching on what papers to toss and shred
• Desk drawers / shelving                    • Tips on how to minimize junk mail
• Office supplies                                   • School papers / memorabilia

With over 30 years experience in office administration, I have many solutions to handling an entire office set-up. No more wasted money buying the wrong organizing supplies or panic over misplaced papers.  You will easily find what you are looking for in just moments. Nothing gets lost and nothing gets overlooked!

Check out the Papers/Filing page on this website to learn about my video "From Paper Piles to Fabulous Files."  My color coded filing system will bring the ultimate organization to your home / business office.

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• Kitchen / Pantries                              • Bathrooms / Medicine Cabinets              • Craft / Hobby Rooms 
• Bedrooms / Closets                           • Playrooms / Game Closets                     • Storage Rooms
• Laundry Rooms                                 • Entryways / Hall Closets                         • Garages / Autos / RV's

I de-clutter and organize any space in an entire home, so there is the right place for everything.  No more wasted money buying duplicate items, no more wasted time looking for things you cannot find.  You will LOVE walking into your new, well organized space!  

If needed, I also rearrange furniture and wall hangings to create a more functional and energetic flow. These changes will make a huge impact on how accessible and inviting your space looks and feels.
Overwhelmed with the move process? I help downsize and de-clutter your items before the move, as well as help pack items into well labeled boxes for easy retrieval. On move day I can be there to help unpack your things and get them well organized, in just the right places! 

This service can be especially beneficial for Senior Moves. In many cases, hiring a Professional Organizer is far more effective in the downsizing/letting go process because there are no family dynamics involved that can jeopardize relationships.

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Home / Business Office Organization
Living Space Organization
Organizing Services
Hands-on Organizing: 4 - 6 hour sessions
Move Preparation / Unpack
Walk-thru / Home Construction Consulting
Doing a remodel or building a new home?  Is the shelving in all your closets and pantries an adequate depth?  What is the best arrangement for your closet organization?  Does your laundry room have a good layout for hampers, folding and storage?  Does your kitchen have enough drawers and adjustable shelving?  How about the bathrooms?

I do a walk-through to help you decide where things should go, which is especially helpful in the kitchen. Increase the functionality of your home with insights from an organizer perspective.

Hire me for a consulting session on how to make the best use of your space. My expertise with organization will give you helpful and important ideas that might otherwise be missed.    

Need some things completed around your home? I coordinate with a very experienced, dependable handyman to take care of repairs, assembly, and more.  Click here for information.
Does your VACATION HOME need organizing?  Click here for information.
Watch this short video about my organizing services.
* Cheryl Chandler, Personal / Professional Organizer of Tao Organizing, is a home and business organizer for Polk County, Florida 
and surrounding areas. In the summer of 2018 she relocated her business from Utah to Florida, offering the same quality service and expertise.*
Long distance coaching can easily be arranged over the phone or online, with a half hour minimum charge.  I answer questions, offer solutions and give support and assignments for any of your organizing needs.  

A simple phone call or email is all it takes to set up an appointment.
Phone / Virtual Coaching

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Includes initial walk-through, de-cluttering and organizing a designated space in your home or office, and hauling away approved items to charity and recycling. Additional hours/sessions can be arranged as needed. A simple consultation can also be arranged, where we go from room to room and I give you ideas and assignments for each area of need. 

You will need to budget some money for needed containers and/or filing supplies, either you or I can choose to shop for these items. I do try and work with what you already have, and am sensitive to budgetary situations. All needed supplies to be purchased are paid for by the client.
Travel: I am available to travel out of town and out of state for organizing jobs, and have enjoyed doing so numerous times. My office is located in Sandy, Utah. A travel fee will need to be added to jobs located over 30 minutes from Sandy. Out of state jobs require a minimum of two full day sessions and I split the cost of travel with the client. Transportation and other details can be discussed as needed.

Sorry, I am not trained to work with extreme hoarders.