Creating Space for What Matters Most


Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with household and business papers everywhere? Step by step solutions to organizing your clutter-free office and file drawers are only one video away!  Increase your productivity and have more time for what YOU want to do!

Package includes: 
•  DVD - Two hours of easy, supportive instruction for organizing your papers:  how to            purge and sort, selecting the right filing / organizing supplies, make the filing system  
   and a system to keep it maintained.

   Keep focused and on task with this checklist, outlining each step in the video.

  Helpful suggestions to keep papers maintained throughout the year, how to organize           papers in a fire safe, how to handle school backpack papers and store memorabilia.

Turn this...
into this!
8 x 10 POSTER

Help your household stay organized and clutter-free!  

Hang this laminated poster in your laundry room, kitchen, hallway or anywhere that reminds and inspires all to take responsibility for the space.

* Cheryl Chandler, Personal / Professional Organizer of Tao Organizing, is a home and business organizer for Polk County, Florida 
and surrounding areas. In the summer of 2018 she relocated her business from Utah to Florida, offering the same quality service and expertise.*
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