Creating Space for What Matters Most

    "I cannot believe what a huge difference it made in just the first four hours with Cheryl. I now love coming into my office, when before I would feel anxious and overwhelmed. Now my office is my sanctuary – my place of creativity and where I am productive, inspired and motivated. Thanks again! I'm really amazed at what a difference it makes. And I have implemented her tips to my work office and other parts of my house. There is so much more flow and positive energy in my space now."
  Angela J., Business Owner
  Intention Jewelry / Intention Communication, West Jordan, UT
   "Hiring Cheryl to organize my chaotic business office and help me keep it up for the past year and a half has drastically changed my life. My stress level was so high I was on a verge of a heart attack. My much improved health is directly attributed to having Cheryl keep me organized. I am now able to find important papers immediately, and keep on top of all my commitments, especially at tax season! I highly recommend her to anyone."

  Gabriel C., Entrepenuer & Property Owner
  Provo, UT
     “I was feeling overwhelmed in my home office and with all the tools for my business. Cheryl created a personalized filing system and ways to keep all my office supplies easy to find and in order. Now my tool shed has well labeled bins and drawers, with all of my supplies well categorized on shelving. I am so much more productive because of her logical way of organizing and am so glad I let her do it!”

Danny T., Handyman
Salt Lake City, UT

    "My experience with Cheryl was amazing! I now have an office that I am proud to bring clients and other business associates into instead of one I felt I had to hide. I actually enjoy the space I'm in, and without all the chaos that was present before I am much more productive. Most important for me is that she helped me create a system I can actually maintain!"
  Paula M., Business Owner
  Soapcrafters, Salt Lake City, UT
     “Cheryl helped me set up a filing system in my home office that has kept me organized and on top of things for years. My files are in tip top shape. No more searching endlessly for documents, bills and finances have never been easier to stay on top of. She helped me go through one stack at a time, could never have done it without her! I recently moved and need her again. She is efficient, has great ideas, and is fun to work with.” 
Susie M., Family of 3
Sandy, UT

     "I love being organized but I don't always have the time. Cheryl was recommended to me but my budget was limited. I didn't think I could afford a Professional Organizer. I was so wrong, Cheryl is amazing!  She is efficient, time sensitive, and so easy to work with.  I would highly recommend her! I am still using the files and systems she put into place for me 4 years ago. Well worth the money!"

Pamela W., Territory Manager
Taylorsville, UT

* Cheryl Chandler, Personal / Professional Organizer of Tao Organizing, is a home and business organizer for Polk County, Florida 
and surrounding areas. In the summer of 2018 she relocated her business from Utah to Florida, offering the same quality service and expertise.*