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   Hello, my name is Cheryl Chandler, and I have been transforming physical clutter and chaos into peace and clarity for clients since 2004 with my professional organizing services. I love leading my clients to what they thought was organized and productive space! Also, they find it easier than ever before to maintain their new, organized space because I coach them throughout the entire process.

   I handle many types of organizing in both home and business settings, with a specialty in organizing paperwork. With over 30 years in office administration, I am an expert handling household papers and business office papers.

   The repertoire of additional tools I share in my business include knowledge and information on natural food and body products, recycling, holistic healing and skills for balanced living. I have connections to many practitioners and experts in these areas and gladly share that information with clients who are interested. In addition, I have attended several transformational, self-empowering trainings over the years with focus on accountability, communication, manifesting and inner healing since 1990.

   Many life challenges, such as death, divorce, severe illness or accident, failed business, change in career, bankruptcy, lawsuits, trying to blend a new family or just dealing with uncooperative housemates can contribute to how your space has become chaotic and unpleasant. You will feel safety and compassion with me, and like many people, I have experienced some of those challenges myself.

   My focus is to get you organized so that you can live your life optimally and be the gift you came here to be. It is so satisfying to see the peace and increased productivity that my clients immediately begin experiencing as they become organized.

   I look forward to supporting you in your organizing project.  It's not just an organizing project, it's something that will change the quality your life. Don't waste another day, contact me and let's get started!

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About Me
* Cheryl Chandler, Personal / Professional Organizer of Tao Organizing, is a home and business organizer for Polk County, Florida 
and surrounding areas. In the summer of 2018 she relocated her business from Utah to Florida, offering the same quality service and expertise.*