Creating Space for What Matters Most

This video has some of my simple organizing tips to help keep your file drawers looking attractive, well organized and easy to find. 
"The average American spends over 55 minutes a day looking for things they cannot find."  NEWSWEEK
Frustrated with your file drawers Watch these EASY TIPS for
 solutions and peace of mind.  Click here for additional information.
    Welcome! The word "tao" means balance and harmony, which is what happens as I help your home and / or business space become de-cluttered and well organized. 

   Together we find the perfect place for everything, as I coach you with compassion and support throughout the entire process.  I love leading my clients to what they thought was organized and productive space!

   I am honest, hard working, caring, and committed to make your time and money spent well worth it. I guarantee you will not only be satisfied, but absolutely delighted with the end result! 

   Being organized will increase your productivity and bring peace to your relationships. Don't waste another day, contact me now and let's get started!


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